Spring Cleaning Tips – Don’t Forget to De-Clutter!

Spring is just around the corner! What better time to rid your house of all of the dirt, debris, germs and junk that accumulated throughout the winter? For all of your electrical needs such as installment or fixes, contact Electrician Long Island. Freshening up your home will prepare you for the fresh new beginnings that await you in the spring, and will just make you feel a whole lot happier – and healthier, too. Perhaps it’s time you considered contacting a dumpster rental company.

Spring cleaning is the ideal time to purge the clutter that has piled up in your house. Not only will de-cluttering make your home look and feel cleaner, but it’s a freeing experience that will make you feel reborn (well, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but it will definitely feel good to let go of it.)

Not sure how to de-clutter? Here are some tips that will help you de-clutter your home – and your life – while you’re spring cleaning.


Choose a Starting Point

De-cluttering can seem like an overwhelming task when you look at the big picture. To prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed, break the job up into pieces and choose a starting point. The closets, the pantry, the kids’ play room? Whatever starting point you choose, make sure that you stay focused and concentrate your energy on that one area; start thinking about other spaces that you want to work on and you could end up jumping from one task to another, which could impact your efficiency and stress you out. Sunroom Contractor Mineola can install a new four season sun room for you to enjoy the sunlight all year round.

Once you finish cleaning out one space, take a step back and enjoy it in all of its de-cluttered, organized and clean glory! You’ll be inspired and motivated to tackle the next project.

Be Prepared

To make your de-cluttering efforts as successful as possible, make sure you are armed with the tools that you need to do the job before you get started. Is there anything that needs to be taken care of before you begin de-cluttering? Check your electrical wiring in your home. Cesspool maintenance is also important to keep up to date before starting another huge home project. You’ll need boxes and bins to hold onto the things that you want to keep or donate and trash bags or the things you want to toss. If you plan on dumping a lot of your stuff, you may want to consider having it hauled away by a junk removal service. Doing so will prevent your front lawn from looking like a garbage dump while you’re waiting for trash collection, and will prevent you from aggravating your sanitation workers.

Other things to have on-hand when you’re purging include:



  • Cleaning products
  • Storage and organization items
  • Labels and writing implements

The more prepared you are to tackle the job, the quicker you’ll work and the more successful your efforts will be.

Let It Go…

The goal of de-cluttering is to get rid of as much of your stuff as you can; however, that may be easier said than done.  A lot if times poor air quality can be caused by a dirty air duct, give Air Duct Cleaning Woodbridge a call. De-cluttering is kind of like opening a treasure chest; once you get started, you’re bound to find some treasures, and it may be hard to part with some of them.

Don’t be afraid to let things go. Sure, there will be things that you want to hold onto, but really think about the value of the items that you are considering keeping. Consider it a flush sorta like cesspool pumping. Some things over time becomes as rotten as the fluids that need to be pumped out of your septic system. A flush is good; Less things to collect dust.  If you haven’t used it – or even seen it – in over a year, if it holds no real value or if it’s going to end up being placed on a shelf or tucked in the corner of a closet and forgotten about again, get rid of it! if you need to repair your garage door go here companyx


If you’re to be doing a big purge and need Farmingdale junk removal or cesspool service Long Island, give us a call! We’re one of a few awesome dumpster companies long island who’ll  remove all types of items for you. Our crew works quickly and efficiently. We’d love to help you de-clutter your home this Summer!